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Catherine is one in a million - she has a magic touch and healing hands that work wonders.

For the past two years she has been treating my son, who has Cerebral Palsy, with monthly reflexology and massage. He truly benefits from this time allowing his body to find absolute stillness and deep relaxation.

My own personal experience of my regular massage with Catherine is her ability to adapt the treatment, especially following major surgery.

Catherine is not only a lovely person but also incredibly skilled and experienced. Her care and attention have truly made a difference to us both. Her visit is a monthly highlight in our calendar and we are so grateful. Jo, Harrogate

Catherine was a life saver for me during a very difficult period of my life when I was juggling work, caring for elderly relatives and struggling with the menopause.  She kept my back mobile with amazing massages,  ridding me of painful knots, which were causing chest pains and breathing difficulties and her relaxing reflexology sessions gave me much needed relief from menopausal symptoms and improved my sleep patterns.  I always leave the room feeling taller, with my shoulders down from my ears, and generally more balanced, relaxed and calm.  Catherine is the best practitioner I have ever been to and has truly healing hands, a very calm and professional presence and a kind, caring and wise soul.  The sessions have helped me both physically and mentally and are one of the things I have missed most during lockdown. Alison, York

 Having a reflexology session with Catherine is total bliss, you feel so relaxed, it’s like floating on air when you walk out. 

Pauline, York

Catherine’s personal aura enables a relaxing treatment experience. So beneficial to my well being. Look forward to our sessions. 

Thank You🙏 

Val, York

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